Wills & Probate

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The period following the death of a relative can be a difficult time for the family. There are many practical considerations including the protection and transfer of property. We can manage the orderly transfer of assets with efficiency, speed and accuracy. We deal with wills and estate planning, administration of estates, probates and trusts.

Our services include:

-Drafting and execution of wills and trusts.
-Planning the orderly transfer of assets.
-Outlining the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved.
-Extracting Grants of Probate and Administration.
-Identifying potential tax liabilities and offering tax advice.
-Filing Inheritance Tax Returns and paying any tax due to the Revenue Commissioners
-Advising on Powers of Attorney, both Ordinary and Enduring.
-Advising on Wardships, where necessary and on the Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015
-Advising on the creation and break-up of trusts, including advice to trustees on their on-going obligations.

-Advising and representing any parties in relation to Probate difficulties

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